Change Management

The age of communication, internet of things has accelerated the world like never before, transformed relationships and differentiated the values of generations. Conditions in which companies exist are changing very rapidly. In such a changing world, companies inevitably need to gain new competencies and sharpen their existing competencies, for competitiveness and sustainability. Some of these competencies can be listed as follows:

Realizing the direction of change

  • Predicting and planning the company changes (mindset, organization, culture, structuring etc.) in line with the direction of change.
  • Adapting to change
  • Becoming a learning organization
  • Agility

Corporate level change program follows the following basic stages;

  • Creating a meaningful future picture (Vision)
  • Role models
  • Compelling mechanisms
  • Training (New skills acquisition)

Accordingly, we provide consulting services with the following methods;

  • General Consulting
  • Vision / Strategy workshops
  • Mentoring for role models
  • Mentoring on the compelling mechanism (New processes)
  • Leadership trainings, executive coaching and mentoring etc.
  • Lean mindset / transformation trainings

It is becoming more and more difficult for a small number of decision-makers to dominate the big picture and make decisions at a speed to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, mobilize the organization and ensure sustainability.

We see that there is a strong need and desire to create the “Common Leadership” climate in institutions that recognize this situation. This need arises as a quest for a creative, efficient and enjoyable collaboration where every employee takes the initiative with a common sense of purpose and direction.