Layout Consulting

In most plants, almost 50% of operational operating costs arise from material handling (raw material, semi-finished and finished product) and in-plant logistics.

With an efficient factory layout arrangement, it is possible to minimize the unnecessary movements either machines or materials or employees. This ensures both reduced operational costs and increased capacity utilization.

Matris Consulting focus on improving the flow, capacity and profitability by acting with the “Lean” philosophy throughout the layout consulting process. The outline of the Layout consulting flow is as follows.

1. Review of existing product families and current processes with Glenday Sieve Analysis and Value Stream Mapping,
2. Planning the future map with “Lean” philosophy, in line with sales forecasts for 5 and 10 years,
3. Implementation of the plan and completion of the new layout by using the principles of project management, engineering and industrial engineering in accordance with the “Lean” philosophy.