Process Management

It is the relations and interactions between processes and processes that enable the products/services offered to customers to be realized. To be a process company, it is required that to analyze current and future customer expectations, to design, implement and develop business processes in a way that will provide purposeful and acceptable outputs, and to establish and manage all processes focused on customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Being a process company means that the awareness which results are achieved through processes at all levels of the organization is engaged, while the evaluation of any result, the photograph of the process behind it is revived in the minds of everyone concerned and that the units/departments are organized toward with the success of the processes in line with their own areas of expertise.

In order to increase the efficiency of companies, MATRIS Consulting ensures the satisfaction of its customers and thus to improve the business results;
  • Analysis of existing processes
  • Determination of Key and Critical Processes,
  • Restructuring and mapping of these processes,
  • Establishing and operating the relations and interactions of processes with each other in a way to provide the highest level of performance,
  • Organizing units/departments/functions around the processes,
  • Development and implementing of management and planning softwares that will ensure process management,
  • It serves with its vast accumulation, experience and effective process management tools, in the field of change management which will enable employees to think process-oriented.