Cenk Doğru

Cenk Doğru, graduated as an industrial engineer from Boğaziçi University in 1985, and immediately after completed his Master’s degree at the same university in 1987.

During his education, he worked as a research assistant in the Faculty of Engineering, and later started his professional career in the appliance (Arçelik) and pharmaceutical industries (Pfizer). In 1989, he was involved in the establishment of the “Delphi Automotive Systems Turkey” structure in the automotive sub-industry sector, and served as Logistics, Quality, Factory manager in the organization’s growth of reaching three factories and 6,000 people. He continued his senior management career as Human Resources Director between 2000 to 2007 and Country General Manager between 2007 to 2014.

Throughout his career in the automotive industry, he led the lean transformation of the company and worked specifically on creating the management and leadership climate that required for the sustainability of the “Continuous Development” culture. In this context, he also supported Delphi’s lean processes in countries such as Romania, Morocco, Russia and Slovakia.

During his management career, he held various international leadership trainings and took active roles in in-house trainings. (Frontline Leadership, Group Action – General Motors Training Center, Multi-cultural relationship management, Diversity management, Negotiation skills – ESSEC, Teaming for excellence, Lean culture and manufacturing systems – Delphi vb.)

Cenk Doğru also received professional coaching training (from ADLER International, a coaching school approved by the ICF – International Coach Federation), and was awarded international accreditation with ACC title, by providing the necessary requirements.

He enriched his coaching formation with “TA (Transactional Analysis)”, “ORSC (Organization and Relationship coaching)”, “Supervision” and “Authentic Leadership” trainings. Cenk Doğru is a member of ICF, EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and BÜMED (Boğaziçi University Alumni Association).

He was a member of “Land Vehicles Professional Committee” at ISO. As a “personal social responsibility initiative”, he mentored final year and postgraduate students within BÜMED, and gave trainings on leadership at Bilgi and Koç Universities.

Cenk Doğru who has Industrial Engineering infrastructure, has been sharing his knowledge on manamagement and coaching formation of nearly 25 years in the production sector via executive coaching/mentoring, management consulting, seminars and Lean Production consulting and training within Matris since August 2014.