James (JIM) Stephenson

In 1993, following a 23-year US Air Force career, James (Jim) Stephenson joined Minitab Inc in the USA as Manager of International Operations and at the same time began his Lean Six Sigma journey. Shortly after joining Minitab General Electric, under the leadership of Jack Welch, started its transformational initiative with Six Sigma and by adopting Minitab as its company-wide data analysis tool, Jim was well into Six Sigma as well.

As six sigma began to take hold in GE and other major companies Jim led Minitab’s international growth by establishing the company’s first subsidiaries in the UK and France.

Becoming more deeply involved in Six Sigma, in 2003 Jim joined Catalyst Consulting Ltd in the UK as a senior partner. In this role was fully devoted to Lean Six Sigma training and consulting in the UK and continental Europe. In addition to Six Sigma support for manufacturing and service organizations he began a highly successful public training program for Catalyst.

In 2011 Jim accepted a position as the first Master Black Belt at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During his two year assignment at KAUST Jim trained over 400 Yellow, Green and Black Belts and coached belts to the successful completion of over 200 improvement projects.

Following his two-year position at the university in 2013 Jim became an independent lean six sigma consultant delivering training and project support to public and private sector organizations in the USA and Europe. He became affiliated with Matris in 2021.