Matris was established in 2002 to raise the bar of consultancy and training services on Six Sigma, Lean and Lean Six Sigma, with the knowledge and experience of the most successful international practices. By constantly raising the bar of service quality, he has proven this many times with the projects undertaken at national and international level.

It provides consulting and training services to organizations in the fields of Quality and Process Improvement methodologies and tools, Process Management, Factory Management, Periodical Management, Change Management and Supply Chain Management, with a special focus on Six Sigma, Lean and Lean Six Sigma.

Buextra-Matris LSS Joint Venture

We are pleased to announce that Matris and Buextra have decided to join forces to offer high quality to Latin American customers.



We offer training and consulting
services reviewers.


Public Class Lean Six Sigma trainings are held at Hilton Kozyatağı Hotel on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul and at Conrad or Hilton Bosphorus Hotel on the European Side.
Trainings take place during weekdays between 08:00 – 17:00 hours. Participants should attend to the trainings with a laptop with Minitab statistical software installed.


In our country, admitting the lack of our social memory, it is possible to understand that not enough importance is given to the statistics science, and the fact that the habit of understanding and analyzing a problem or case with data is inadequate and incomplete. At this point, moreover, as an engineer working in the automotive industry, when I was able to detect this shortfall myself, the university years were long gone.

ZF Sachs / Prototype Engineer

I decided to participate in this training at the end of 2019, but I postponed joining the online training until the end of 2021 due to the pandemic period.For some reason, I thought that it would be more efficient to take this training face-to-face, and after waiting for about 2 years, I gave up and enrolled to the online training.Throughout the whole process we went through, I see that the way you developed the training is much more comprehensive than a face-to-face training.The fact that we can watch the course subjects online as much as we want, and the accompanying virtual classroom workshops together create a much more efficient training structure.I personally think that I left this training with great learning outcome. Thank you for everything.

Ece Üner
Process Improvement Manager – Europe