How Do You Like Your Coffee: “In Pursuit of the Perfect Coffee with Lean 6 Sigma”

How Do You Like Your Coffee: “In Pursuit of the Perfect Coffee with Lean 6 Sigma”

How Do You Like Your Coffee? yalın altı sigma

Imagine a morning when the city starts to bustle with the first light of the day. At the start of this new day, what most of us need is a fragrant, full-bodied and intensely flavoured coffee!

You enter a coffee shop on your way and the barista greets you with a familiar smile and asks you: “How do you like your coffee?”

Behind this seemingly simple question, the process that should fulfil our expectation of “perfect coffee” is as complex and deep as in other product and service processes.

Our expectation does not end there. We also expect the perfect coffee to be easy to understand, to be selected from a well-prepared menu, and to be served in a short time.

When these expectations are not met, the coffee can lose its flavour.

How about using Lean, 6 Sigma and Lean 6 Sigma tools in defining processes and solving problems to meet all these expectations? In order to discover the answer to this question together, let’s get to know these tools briefly:

6 Sigma:

6 Sigma is a statistical approach that aims to reduce the error rate and improve overall quality. It aims to reduce variances in business processes so that the process becomes more predictable and of higher quality.

Basic Principles of 6 Sigma

6 Sigma adopts a systematic approach called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control):

– Define: Clearly defining the problem or the process that needs to be improved.

– Measure: Measure the current performance of the process.

– Analyse: Determining the root causes of the problem by analysing the data.

– Improve: Implementing strategies and solutions to improve the process.

– Control: Putting controls and procedures in place to ensure the sustainability of improvements.



Lean was originally derived from the Toyota Production System and basically aims to speed up processes by eliminating waste. Lean optimises the value stream and focuses on eliminating steps that do not add value to the customer.


– Lean 6 Sigma: “The Combined Power of Lean and 6 Sigma”

This approach combines the quality-orientated methodology of Six Sigma with the speed and efficiency-orientated strategies of Lean. This combination aims to improve both the quality and speed of processes. Lean 6 Sigma identifies the source of errors and waste (Hidden Business) in the process and focuses on eliminating and creating value.

Now let’s experience the story of how the power of Lean 6 Sigma makes your coffee perfect:

A Coffee Shop Story:

In a cosy coffee shop in the city centre, customer complaints have recently started to increase. Long order times, incorrect coffee service, variability in coffee flavour, etc.

Let’s use Lean 6 Sigma to improve processes that obviously cannot continue in this way:

If the coffee is prepared slower than expected, the process step causing the prolonged time is measured and analysed. With Value Stream Mapping, errors or losses caused by the barista’s movements, the layout of the coffee machine or the arrangement of materials are identified and made more efficient with Lean’s process optimisation. Thus, you can get your coffee faster.

Or, when it is determined that the wrong order is caused by the menu not being clear, you will get the right coffee on time with a customer-oriented improvement.

If there are complaints of variability in the aroma, consistency and taste of the coffee, when the roasting time, temperature and quantity of the coffee are analysed and improved and standardised with the warm touch of 6 Sigma in order to achieve the same quality at all times, coffee variations will disappear for the customer.

Lean 6 Sigma puts customer satisfaction at its centre. By adopting these principles, businesses not only offer an excellent product, but also provide customers with an unforgettable experience.

On your next coffee break, sip your coffee even more enjoyably by thinking about the science and labour behind this excellent experience.

How do you take your coffee? Perfect!