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Ece Üner

Process Improvement Manager – Europe

I decided to participate in this training at the end of 2019, but I postponed joining the online training until the end of 2021 due to the pandemic period.For some reason, I thought that it would be more efficient to take this training face-to-face, and after waiting for about 2 years, I gave up and enrolled to the online training.Throughout the whole process we went through, I see that the way you developed the training is much more comprehensive than a face-to-face training.The fact that we can watch the course subjects online as much as we want, and the accompanying virtual classroom workshops together create a much more efficient training structure.I personally think that I left this training with great learning outcome. Thank you for everything.

Mehmet Tezcan

Reckitt Benckiser/Quality Control Engineer

After I decided to do my MBA thesis on Six Sigma, I researched training firms to get a good Six Sigma training. That’s when I met Matrix. I loved the training program. It has had a long-term and practical training program. So I immediately got involved in the training. I had previously studied statistics, but Six Sigma training has taught me how to systematically address a problem. In this training, Matris taught us not only Six Sigma, but also project management, teamwork, effective presentation techniques, efficient use of time, completing the given task on time, and gave us capability in many other subjects.

Hakkı Çağatay KARTAL

Production Field Manager

Problem solving is one of my favorite and most enjoyed jobs that Six Sigma is one of the best tools in this regard. I came knowingly and willingly. I’m so glad I came. It has also contributed a lot to me as a good project leader.


ZF Sachs / Prototype Production Engineer

In our country, admitting the lack of our social memory, it is possible to understand that not enough importance is given to the statistics science, and the fact that the habit of understanding and analyzing a problem or case with data is inadequate and incomplete. At this point, moreover, as an engineer working in the automotive industry, when I was able to detect this shortfall myself, the university years were long gone.

I was only able to comprehend the full realm of this deficiency and its importance when I was involved in this training. You, too, will be able to fully comprehend what you can do without knowing this “dialect” of the numbers we use every day in every area of life, aside from solving a problem, to be able to determine exactly what happened.

Combining many problem solving techniques with unique project management principles, this approach is a powerful tool for solving your complex problems in almost verything, and provides you with a perspective that will provide you with great experience in a short time on subjects that you are not an expert. I strongly recommend it.


Fabric Dye Chief

Thanks to our instructor, we were able to easily adapt to this valuable knowledge that we have gained over the course of six Sigma trainings and contributed to our business life. It was a successful and serious training. Compared to friends who trained from different companies, I always felt one step ahead of six Sigma. I can make it clear that we are going through a successful training process.


Senior Production Specialist

This Six Sigma training that I received from Matris was a dynamic and fun training for me. It was also quite enjoyable to listen to our instructor’s vast experience.


Schott Orim / Quality Systems Engineer

Six Sigma Green Belt Training is an excellent tool that every engineer should take and can use in every field of his/her business life. I think that the information in this beautiful training that I received by Matris is very valuable. Thank you again.

Zekeriya ÇAĞLAR

Lean Expert

Thanks to this training, I’ve seen that different sectors have an excuse not to use such methodologies, but how they can be overcome in the future. Because we say it doesn’t suit us in the aviation industry, but we’ve seen it fit. I would also like to say that I have received green belt training from another company before, but I’ve really had the chance to see how to prepare the curriculum and prepare for training. I saw that I didn’t learn anything from the other training. It’s been an training for me that I’m going to come up empty and go full. Thank you so much for that.


Materials Management Coordinator

I came to this training to contribute to my personal career plans. At this point, I think you’re very useful at this. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to participate in this training, I’ve prepared my vacations accordingly, I’ve had special permissions from my managers, and I think I’ve repaid that.

Another point is, I’ve seen how easy it is to solve problems here, i didn’t have that perspective before that. I’ve seen how difficult project management is, I’ve had training on it before, but the training that I’ve received here has improved me a lot personally as well. Besides, there was a very amazing team here, thank you very much to everyone.


Denge Kimya, R&D Lab. Chemist

When I first started Six Sigma training, I said I was expecting my life to change, and I can see that my life has changed dramatically right now. This was a very important training for me. It is a great pleasure for me to know you and to know our friends in the same way. I knew the Six Sigma Methodology and knew it would be useful to me, but I never knew how to use Minitab before I came here. I started to learn it.

I think I’m still learning now. But here I will turn this into an advantage because we do not use such tools very actively in my company. My aim will be to make Six Sigma and Minitab more widely used in my company from now on, if I can do something like this at this age, it will be a very important step for me and I will feel really good.

Besides, I’ve never had so many presentations about presentation skills. I didn’t have much control over the presentation techniques, I think I developed it here and it would be even better. Thank you so much for your efforts, for your patience, for telling us again and again when we don’t understand something, for all your support, for your good will.


Operations Manager

First of all, what we were trying to learn from the first days of training was really important. We were pragmatically focused on solutions to problems. But now we’re learning to deal more with the cause of the problem.

In fact, it destroyed a lot of things in us and paved the way for a lot of things in problems and approaches. I believe we’ve done it. Another issue is: We’re all working, we’ve got some data, I think we’ve learned to read that data correctly and use it correctly to solve the problem. And that was very important because the way you use the data takes you to the conclusion. I’ve noticed we haven’t used it very accurately before. I think it makes it more convenient for us to use this data to get to the solution more clearly.

I also think that these 5 months are not just a Six Sigma training. Because in the meantime, you shared your really valuable experiences with us. Six Sigma only, not Statistics. I think that you give us very important information and tips between the lines as management and strong leadership. One of them; Presentation techniques. We will all have the opportunities to make presentations in the business, on such platforms and in more crowded environments. But when we look 5 months ago, I see that we are in a different place now. The positive results of this are one of the educational achievements for us. The last thing I would like to say is that I have never participated in such a rigorous and intense training.

Furthermore, I can say that I have never participated in such an efficient and productive education as well. In addition, as a training class, all of the friends were really enjoyable, very cheerful, both in terms of achievement and enjoyable training. I would like to thank my friends also here with you.


Quality Control Manager

Before I came to training, I had a great prejudk on statistics. Einstein has a saying, “It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.” But you showed that it was easy, you really torn apart my prejuding on this. Honestly, I didn’t know that Statistics would be of such use to me.

I had heard this training from a friend who had been trained by you. When he told me in general, I knew it would work for me (the food industry always created a question mark in my head). So I felt like I could open my horizons at the factory and get something there, and that’s how I joined. It was surprising but I learned that Six Sigma can be used in every area of life. When I got this training, I realized that we were always using it to predict things in every area of our lives, to solve problems. I’m so glad it’s going to work for me from now on. Thank you very much for opening our way to everything.


Retail Credit Operations Director

On the first day of training, you asked “What do you expect from this training?”. I had said that I want my perspective to change. Did it change? Yes, it has definitely changed. Most importantly, if there was a problem in any process before, I thought that the person who can solve it is only the person who has knowledge about that process and in fact, it is generally thought to be so. But I saw that was not true! I think that the problems were tried to be solved experimentally and instinctively. But if there is a problem now, I believe that firstly I have to go to the root cause which is very important to solve the problems.


Quality Assurance Manager

For me, the Six Sigma Black Belt training that I received from Matris was an unforgettable experience. with Six Sigma, I learned discipline and systematic approach to events. We pushed advanced Statistics to the end. I had the opportunity to use what I learned in the trainings in many projects. In fact, my first project “Reducing Energy Costs in Yarn Manufacturing”, which I did by Matris coaching, won first prize in the Lean Six Sigma Project Competition of the Turkish Textile Employers’ Union.

Merve Küçükşahin

INGBANK Director

Today, regardless of the sector, quality and customer satisfaction are at the forefront in the services we receive, and especially the talent, knowledge and experience of the instructor providing the service in the delivery of the services in the training sector is very important. I can say in plain form and without exaggeration that the training I received from Matris company was very beneficial in both my business and personal life, and changed my perspective on events and issues. I encountered a higher quality of training than I expected, rather than my expectations. As a process excellence consultant working at the bank, I found that my training would be very beneficial in my career because it is directly related to our job.

“If you want to get this training, MATRIS is the right address.”


Quality Manager

It was the supreme intense, but most enjoyable training I have ever had. I learned a lot from this training, and firstly I realized that there was a lot I didn’t know about the work that I do. If it is allowed in my company, I would like to process 6 Sigma into the DNA of my company.



It was an international training and sessions were conducted by intensely using intercultural interaction. In addition to the matris’s strong training system, the bond of friendship with all participants is one of the parts of this training that affects me.


Quality Management Representative

My purpose was to be stronger, especially against the phrase “This problem cannot be solved.” And after the training, I acquired both to use all problem solving tools as a whole within a certain system, as well as to understand them with their underlying motives and methods. We also learned a lot of new methods, statistically. And by using all this, I feel stronger against problems now. So thank you for everything.

Ayşen KOÇ

Quality Assurance Chief

I received a very disciplined, hard but memorable training from Matris. These achievements have changed my perspective on life. Especially, it is impossible for me to forget what the trainers brought us.


Payment Systems Manager

It’s a process that comes right into the reality of life and clearly reveals the whole result as statistical, numerically, in a way that is incontestable.


AirTies Wireless Networks/Quality Director

Managing the process before, during and after the training in a completely professional way, Matris Consulting made us feel that we are in safe hands to learn and apply the system with their experience, knowledge and materials. We concluded that it is important to organize this training for employees at all stages of corporate life. In fact, we think that the Lean Six Sigma approach should be taught as a lesson at universities.

Our instructor, Mr. Öner, guided us in every module with his knowledge, positive approach and discipline. Mr. Kemal led us expertly in coaching sessions with his vast experience and perspective.